How to Play Backgammon

Backgammon is a fun way to pass the time and eliminate the modern day obsession of using the TV and internet for entertainment. The objective of backgammon is easy requiring you to be the first player to get all of your checkers completely off the board.

Setting up the Game
1. The first step of backgammon is to simply lay the board game out in between you and your partner then choose which color you would like to be. You have the options of red or white.

2. You’ll notice that the game board has twelve triangles on each side which are called the points. When you are looking at your own side of the board at the points closest to you, they are numbered from right to left as one to twelve. The person who chooses the red checkers needs to sit on the side where red is their number one point and their partner needs to be on the opposite side or where their number one point is white.

3. Once you understand how the points are numbered then you’re able to place your checkers onto the board. You’ll each need to place two checkers on your number one point, five on your number six point, three on the eighth point, and five on the twelfth point.

How to Play Backgammon
1. Figuring out who goes first can be done by rolling the dice and whoever has the higher number wins unless you’d rather decide on your own who goes first.

2. The player who won the dice toss will start the game by rolling the dice to see how many moves they’ll be able to allow their checkers to go. Your objective is to get all of your checkers into your home board which is your one to six points. For the amount you rolled you can use both dice for one checker or you can use the amount on one die to move one checker and the other die amount for another checker. Once you get all fifteen checkers to your home, you can start to bear them off.

3. You can bar your opponent’s checkers off by moving yours onto a spot occupied by one of your opponent’s checkers. They’ll then have to remove that checker from the game and roll the dice on their turn to get back in the game. They need to roll a one through six to get back on to the opponent’s home as long as the amount rolled is unoccupied by two or more of the opponent’s checkers.

4. Once you’ve got all of your checkers in your home board, you’ll be able to bear them off. You’ll do this by rolling the dice. If you roll a one, you’ll be able to take off a checker that is on your first point or if you roll a six, it has to be removed from the sixth point, whichever die number corresponds to your occupied points. If you can’t make a move, your turn is over.

5. The game is won by removing all fifteen of your checkers from the board first.

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